Edgardo Co

Multi-modality Technologist

Sharing expertise with new technologists.

Edgardo Co

Edgardo is focused on patient care and on guiding up-and-coming technologists on proper X-Ray procedures.

Here is Edgardo’s story:

Describe some of the career growth you’ve experienced at RadNet.

I’ve gained more knowledge and experience with every aspect of radiology—from patient care to procedures and a proper work ethic.

What’s a typical day like in your role?

Every day is different. I help patients with their x-rays, and so there is always variety when interacting with so many people. No matter what happens during a given day, what makes my work worthwhile is seeing how they react when I help them—that they’re happy and appreciative.

Being at RadNet expands my knowledge of every aspect of radiology. That, combined with making a difference for patients, keeps me very fulfilled in my work.

Describe your work with students.

I teach and supervise them on how to conduct proper x-ray procedures. I did my first rotation in a RadNet facility in Palm Desert. From that experience I learned every aspect of work that I do now. I want to pass it on. That’s why I like guiding students who rotate in this facility.

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