All Velasquez

Lead MRI Technologist

Changing attitudes about healthcare by engaging patients.

All Velasquez

As an MRI Tech, All meets a variety of patients every day, earning their trust and leaving them with confidence that their health is in good hands.

Here is All’s story:

Have you had growth opportunities with RadNet?

What’s cool about RadNet is that we can look for new opportunities in six different states. I’ve been with RadNet since 2005. I was working in Irvine at another RadNet facility as an MRI Technologist, and I was promoted to Lead MRI Technologist for San Jacinto, Temecula, and a new site.

You interact with patients every day in your role.

It’s fun to get to know different people every day, with so many different backgrounds. It’s very rewarding when they trust you with their examinations—and when they leave with a smile instead of being upset or scared. It’s great to help change their attitude about healthcare.

I am a very lucky MRI Technologist. I’ve been exposed to so many people, some with amazing stories. It’s been an awesome experience working at RadNet.

Describe the transition after RadNet acquired your previous site.

We were acquired in the spring of 2012. I was happy because I knew more doors would open for me, maybe in other cities or states. I did make an easy transfer to another site—for a promotion and better commute!—and now I’ve gained another family here at the Temecula locations.

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