Daniel Rita

Regional Director of Client Services

Leveraging clinical and operational expertise for patients.

Daniel Rita

As Regional Director of Client Services in New York City, Daniel has handled everything from training radiologists to overseeing multi-site operations.

Here is Daniel’s story:

Describe some of the career growth you’ve experienced at RadNet.

Seven years ago, in a standalone imaging center in Brooklyn, I was a film courier during the day and maintained the facility at night. I’m now RadNet’s Regional Director of Client Services in New York City.

That’s quite a leap.

RadNet’s acquisition of the center brought great opportunities. I took on the medical records department for centers in Brooklyn, which gave me exposure to RIS and PACS software. A year later, our center was chosen to pilot RadNet’s own imaging workflow technology—eRAD RIS and PACS. I became expert on the systems—and radiology—and became a RIS Administrator, rolling out eRAD implementations across RadNet’s mid-Atlantic markets. That led to more exposure—as I then focused on training radiologists all over the country on eRAD PACS as an Applications Specialist.

We had so much growth, and I learned so much—both operationally and clinically—about our business, that the next transition was to my current role, Regional Director of Client Services.

RadNet has not only given me growth opportunities over the years but the skills and knowledge to help those around me, both patients and colleagues. It is an absolute pleasure to work with the RadNet team.

How do you make a difference in that role?

I travel from center to center in New York, helping imaging center managers and identifying opportunities for business growth. Finding solutions that put patient care as the utmost priority is what makes my job gratifying. My approach is simple: take pride in what you do, no matter what the task is, and always put in 200% for a better tomorrow.

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