David Lopez

Patient Liaison

Helping patients feel relaxed and confident in their care.

David Lopez

David radiates enthusiasm in his role as the go-to person for all patient needs, and that attitude is backed up by deep knowledge of every aspect of the radiology workflow.

Here is David’s story:

What’s your role at RadNet?

I’m the Patient Liaison at our 77th Street location in Manhattan, which is the biggest RadNet site in the country. That means I’m the face of the center, the first person patients see when they walk in. I address any issues patients may have. Management asked me to take this role because of my personality—I hold a smile for eight hours or more every day.

That must keep you busy.

The key is being able to answer any question that patients throw at you. Since I was a manager, I know the whole back-end, and I can speak to patients with confidence. I know all the preps, and I can easily burn a disk right away if someone is waiting—things like that. Patients can tell, and they trust that I have the experience, that I know what I’m doing.

I’ve had patients say “I come here because of you.” I’ve had others drop by just to see what I was wearing! But they stay because they know they’ll get the quality care they need, quickly.

What are the ingredients for success at RadNet?

I worked my way up. The company has a good eye for what suits you and recognizes and rewards hard work. Since I try to be helpful and do extra, when I pitch an idea, it gets a green light. I had an idea to contribute in another role temporarily, and management is happy to work with us on that. So you feel like you’re always moving, never stuck.

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