Erica Lee

Modality Team Leader

Delivering the latest innovations in ultrasound procedures.

Erica Lee

Erica is part of a culture of continuous learning at RadNet, growing into new areas of expertise and also sharing knowledge gained with other techs.

Here is Erica’s story:

Describe growth you’ve seen in the company.

Temecula Valley Imaging is an extremely high-volume and very fast-paced imaging center. Currently, we have 19 techs across a total of four sites in the region. We just opened our Fallbrook location last year, and we’re opening a new site in Temecula next year. So, it’s very dynamic, and we are thriving.

Describe the learning opportunities at RadNet.

I started with RadNet in November of 2015 as the Chief Ultrasound Technologist. I was trained by a specialty radiologist on infant hips, spine, and brain imaging, which was a new area for me. I’ve since shared my knowledge with other techs. We are hoping to have multiple techs trained in these specialty infant exams by the end of the year.

We have grown so much in just the short time I have been at RadNet. I can't wait to see how we continue to grow and evolve as a company in the coming years.

Do you receive new training on a regular basis?

Yes, we continually improve our exams and our knowledge by attending frequent webinars held by our lead modality specialist. That same RadNet specialists hosted a vascular symposium last November and January, for example, that provided up to 10 Continuing Medical Education (CME) points.

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