Hilary Saltmarsh

Product Manager, eRAD RIS

Solving problems with creativity and collaboration.

Hilary Saltmarsh

At eRAD, RadNet’s IT division, Hilary helps commercial customers around the world leverage technology to take patient care to a new level.

Here is Hilary’s story:

Describe some of the career opportunities you've experienced at RadNet.

I graduated from university with a degree in Literature and thought this would be a temporary job. I’ve stayed for 13 years, because I’ve been able to take on challenges that other companies would give only to professional consultants or healthcare veterans. RadNet has a talent for identifying potential and taking a chance on individuals to see where they shine.

What's your favorite aspect of your job?

RadNet team members are the reason I succeed. We collaborate to solve problems creatively. I get to contribute to something that helps people with the important work they do every day—which is providing the very best, most compassionate healthcare to patients. That’s a worthwhile end goal!

I’m so fortunate to interact with a group of people so eager to share ideas about how to grow as a company, while simultaneously helping me grow as an individual.

What’s a typical day like for you at RadNet?

I might be brainstorming with eRAD customers on how best to leverage RIS features, or coming up with design requirements for the next evolution of the product, or meeting with developers. Days are pretty varied! Whatever the project, I have the privilege of working with a dedicated, brilliant and enthusiastic team.

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