Jesus Magana

Purchasing Manager

Implenting new ways to keep RadNet strategic.

RadNet Careers | Photo of Jesus Magana, RadNet Purchasing Manager

Jesus creates innovation across ordering, accounting, and payables systems for RadNet’s national network.

Here is Jesus’s story:

How would you describe the culture at RadNet?

It’s definitely a feeling of community, of support, that we’re all in this together. Anywhere you reach out, people are willing to help. Plus, people are allowed to be who they are. You can always find like-minded colleagues—and opportunities to take on.

Talk about your role in the company.

I initially came onboard three years ago in Accounts Payable. Because I asked a lot of questions and came up with ideas, I’ve since moved to Accounting and now Purchasing. We manage a variety of projects—from contract pricing to vendor relationships. I deal directly with managing more than 400 leases, and I’m on an implementation team for new accounting and ordering systems we’re introducing.

RadNet Careers | Jesus Magana, RadNet Purchasing Manager

I’ve found a place I want to call home. There is so much expansion and potential at RadNet—this is where I want to stay for the rest of my career.

What makes for success at RadNet?

If you throw a challenge at me, I’ll figure it out. I love talking to people, and I’ve been organized and sought out opportunities. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here, and plenty of resources—and that’s why people stay with the company, because of the support they find here.

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