Joel Horsford

Manager, Lenox Hill Radiology

What it means to love what you do.

Joel Horsford

RadNet-sponsored management training helped Joel seize opportunities and expand his career—from a per-diem position to manager in only four years.

Here is Joel’s story:

Describe the career opportunities you’ve enjoyed since joining RadNet.

I started in 2013 as a per diem X-Ray Technologist, only on Saturdays. Then I became a full-time tech, and then the Lead X-Ray Tech. Now I’m the manager of Lenox Hill Radiology, which is the largest imaging center in RadNet’s 330+-site network.

How did you advance into a management position so quickly?

The Lead X-Ray Tech role encompassed many remote and large sites throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. While I was doing that, I stayed in the evenings for RadNet-sponsored management training. Since I actually love what I do as a career—it’s not just a job to me—learning as much as possible came naturally to me.

I just wanted to learn as much as possible and let the chips fall where they may. They’ve been falling great for me at RadNet.

How do you try to influence the patient experience?

I pride myself on making the facility welcoming and professional. A healthcare facility should be comfortable, and even as I get my agenda done, I like to walk around and talk to patients, make sure they’re happy. This is one career that I knew I wanted to do, and impacting patients is a big part of that.

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