Luz Nimphius

Assistant to MRI Technologist / Supervisor

Leadership through a go-getter attitude.

Luz Nimphius

Luz has tackled just about every operational aspect of RadNet's largest imaging center, and she knows how to keep that busy workflow running smoothly.

Here is Luz’s story:

You became a RadNet employee through an acquisition. Describe the transition.

The transition between the previous center and RadNet’s management was very smooth. It’s a big improvement in patient care and the efficiency of the workflow, plus RadNet takes into consideration how employees feel about their work and where they might want to improve.

Has RadNet supported your career growth?

Definitely. They looked at everything I’ve done over the years and suggested certain positions and new roles. They gave me training and helped me learn more as an employee and as a person. The opportunities are offered—it’s up to the individual whether to grab those opportunities.

My motto is to treat patients how I want my family members to be treated. Any patient who needs assistance, I make it a point to help out.

What’s your current focus area?

Currently I am assistant to the supervisor and MRI technologist. I first started as an Ultrasound liaison in 2006. Ultrasound was my playground for four years or so, and I supervised there during a gap. I then trained the new supervisor, moved on to Medical Records, and then moved on again to Mammography tracking. From there I started printing MRIs and that led to my current position. So, I’ve had a lot of growth over the years!

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