Rachael-Louise Petrus

Regional Service Area Manager

Now launching new Breastlink practice in New York City.

Rachael-Louise Petrus

After 20 years in the private sector, Rachael now oversees RadNet practices in the New York area, including its new flagship center for breast health—Breastlink.

Here is Rachael’s story:

You joined RadNet as the result of an acquisition. Describe the transition.

For me it was a welcome transition. I liked becoming a part of a company that was “leading radiology forward”—that was an exciting new chapter. I liked being a team player right out of the gate.

Have you changed roles since starting at RadNet?

Since 2014, when RadNet acquired the small private practice in Manhattan where I was the administrator, I’ve expanded my role many times. I became the Regional Service Area Manager for Private Practice, which means that I oversee all the private sites in the New York area.

A typical day for me at RadNet is filled with a variety of activity—always busy and always moving. Just how I like it!

So new opportunities have presented themselves?

There are many opportunities for professional growth and development within RadNet—you just need to put up your hand! I have 20 years of experience in the private sector, and now this year I’ve been given the exciting opportunity to establish and launch our new flagship Breastlink NY practice in Manhattan.

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