Susan Hollabaugh

VP, Healthcare Regulatory Analysis and Conformance

IT, business strategy, and regulatory—firing on all cylinders.

Susan Hollabaugh

Susan is an industry leader in regulatory strategy and conformance, making healthcare more responsive and functional for every stakeholder.

Here is Susan’s story:

Explain your role at RadNet.

I make sure that RadNet and its IT subsidiary, eRAD, are well-positioned in regard to government regulations. In other words, that we’re so strategic about mandates that we turn them into a business advantage.

That encompasses both policy expertise and information technology.

Yes, you have to understand how standards and regulations work—and better still the intent of the source legislation. Technology is the key building block to implementing conformance efficiently, especially across an enterprise the size of RadNet. You have to be firing on all cylinders. 

We’re a valued partner because of our certified technology and our regulatory expertise. It isn’t just a line—RadNet is leading radiology forward, and it’s great to be a part of that.

What does this mean for RadNet and for eRAD customers?

On initiatives that most people thought had nothing to do with radiology, we were able to capture substantial incentive payments. My team’s expertise enables us to drive tremendous benefits into the company and to share that value with eRAD customers and RadNet partners.

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