19 April, 2017

Are you candidate for CT Calcium Scoring?

Calcium Scoring

What is Calcium Scoring?

A CT Calcium Score is a simple non-invasive test that takes only a few seconds, and can detect calcium deposits in the arteries of the heart. It is one of the many risk factors your clinician uses to determine if you have an increased risk of a cardiac event. 

Are you a candidate?

  • Men over 45

  • Women over 55

  • Smoking history 

  • Family history of coronary heart disease

  • High cholesterol/Atherosclerosis

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Overweight or obese

Ask your physician if you are an appropriate candidate and about making CT Calcium Scoring a part of your preventative care. 

*This exam is not covered by most insurance plans
and has a self pay rate of $75.

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19 April, 2017 | NEWS
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