3D Mammography Now Available

The highest resolution 3D mammogram is now available


Why choose the next generation?

Our new 3D mammogram is designed to provide enhanced 3D images and a more comfortable patient experience. The sharper images and better image clarity make it easier to detect invasive cancers. The uniquely designed flex panel angles to the shape of the breast during compression, for added comfort.


What is Low-Dose 3D Mammography?

3D mammography (tomosynthesis) is an FDA-approved technology that creates multiple thin 3D image slices that allow each section of the breast tissue to be seen more clearly. Some studies show that 3D mammography improves breast cancer detection rates and reduces the need for additional imaging.


Advantages of Low-Dose 3D Mammography Include:

  • Clearer images of breast tissue, reducing the need for further evaluation and biopsies

  • Earlier detection of smaller cancers leading to better long-term outcomes

  • Improved imaging for dense breast tissue


What Should I Expect During a Low-Dose 3D Mammogram?

A 3D mammogram looks and feels like a regular mammogram. An x-ray arm scans over your breast taking multiple 3D images at various angles. Each scan takes about 4 seconds and the entire 3D mammogram lasts about 15-20 minutes


Who is Low-Dose 3D Mammography For?

3D mammography is FDA-approved for all women who are undergoing a standard mammogram and elect to have this additional technology added to their exam. Your doctor may also prescribe 3D technology for diagnostic mammograms.


What Makes This a Low-Dose 3D Mammogram?

New imaging software used with our 3D mammogram units enables us to offer a lower-dose 3D exam. The software eliminates the need to obtain additional 2D images as part of the 3D exam, as previously required. This reduces the radiation dose, making it similar to that of a traditional 2D mammogram

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