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5 March, 2020

Senator David Carlucci Advocates for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare

This week, great progress was made in the state of New York for more efficient healthcare. Senator David Carlucci (D) of the 38th District introduced legislation that would change prior authorization requirements and help patients receive necessary care in a timely manner.

Senate Bill S7696 provides that managed care providers shall not require prior authorization for any ultrasound, which, in a physician's reasonable professional judgment, are medically necessary and warranted.

Prior authorization is one of the most challenging issues in healthcare. The health care provider must contact the insurer and confirm coverage for important radiology exams. This present a push-pull between the cost of healthcare (specifically how to assess the medical necessity of an exam) and responsive patient care, since patients must wait for the authorization to go through before receiving care. The bureaucracy of prior authorization has created the potential for scheduling difficulties, patient abandonment, denials of care, and a host of other issues.

We at Murray Hill Radiology and Mammography applaud Senator Carlucci's efforts - by introducing this bill, Senator Carlucci is prioritizing patients’ needs. The bill validates the expertise of healthcare providers and alleviates unnecessary burdens in care delivery. Ultrasound tests could be administered much more efficiently.

To read the bill and share your opinion, visit: https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2019/s7696


5 March, 2020