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1 October, 2019

Unique 1.5T Extremity MRI at NJIN Clifton

At our Clifton location, we have a unique MRI that might be right for you!

Our 1.5T Extremity MRI doesn’t require a patient to lie on a table that moves through the bore of the machine. Instead, you can sit comfortably in a chair besides the unit. This makes it an ideal solution for patients (adults or children) who have a prescription for an MRI of the leg, arm, hand or foot and are anxious about having the study done due to claustrophobia or other reasons. The 1.5T field strength of this Extremity MRI acquires clear detailed images that assist our expert radiologists deliver an accurate diagnosis.

Patient Comfort Delivered.

  • Ideal for claustrophobic patients (only the body part being imaged goes into the MRI)

  • It’s quieter than standard MRIs 

  • There is no special patient preparation required

  • The need for sedation is reduced 

  • Parents can stay with their children 

Learn more about our Clifton location or call 800-930-6759 to make an appointment.

1 October, 2019