Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 09:22


What brought you to Dr. Baskin and Murray Hill Radiology (part of the New York Women’s Private Radiology practice)?

I have been a patient at Murray Hill Radiology for over 30 years. My relationship with Dr. Barbara Baskin began after an Aunt of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she was only in her late 40s when she was diagnosed, she passed away as a result of her cancer. At the time, I was a nurse at NYU and spoke with one of the breast surgeons there who recommended that I have an ultrasound and a mammogram starting at age 30. I initially began having my recommended examinations every year, then transitioned to a six-month alternating exam schedule, and ultimately returned to having both exams done on the same day as guidelines had changed. As the years progressed Dr. Baskin became my sonographer. She was exceedingly professional, empathetic, and her demeanor helped put me at ease. I have since scheduled my appointments around her availability so that she could perform my ultrasounds. My mother was later diagnosed with breast cancer at age 75 and underwent a bilateral mastectomy. This was another reminder to keep up with my recommended screening schedule.


What was it about your experience at Murray Hill Radiology that kept you coming back?

One of the things that I have always appreciated about the practice was that if anything was detected you could have that intervention done that particular day. I also appreciated having my results the same day, speaking to the radiologist regarding any findings, and being able to take prompt action if necessary. I know from other friends and family members that go to different facilities that this is not always the case. 

For instance, I had a 3D mammogram and breast ultrasound performed in July 2016. Calcifications were found in my right breast during my mammogram for which a stereotactic biopsy was recommended by Dr. Julie Mitnick. There was also a finding on my left breast during Dr. Baskin’s ultrasound. She called in Dr. Caryn Gamss, another radiologist who reviewed and they both confirmed the need for an ultrasound guided core biopsy on the left breast. I was given the option to biopsy same day. The recommended biopsy for the left breast was performed that day by Dr. Baskin. A stereotactic biopsy was also performed by Dr. Caryn Gamss for the calcifications on my right breast. During both of the procedures the radiologists were informative, professional, and empathetic. I received a phone call the day after the procedures with my results. 

The quality of care provided at Murray Hill Radiology is unparalleled. When I had my biopsies done by both Dr. Baskin and Dr. Gamss they talked me through the procedures beforehand. Both radiologists explained exactly what they would be doing and what I would feel. The actual procedures were performed expertly. The doctors were swift, precise, and caring.

I travel from New Jersey to see Dr. Baskin and believe that the hour and a half commute is worth it every time. They call when they say they’re going to call, they have two radiologists reviewing your images, they make stellar and accurate recommendations, but most importantly they listen to your concerns and counsel accordingly.


What advice would you give to younger women?

I am a believer in prevention and that patients should follow their doctor‘s recommendations. When cancer was found in my left breast it was only found under ultrasound. I had my mammogram done a half hour before but it was not picked up under mammogram. If I had not had my recommended ultrasound I would’ve walked out that day with my cancer undetected. I may have returned in six months which is to my understanding a critical time for the growth and spread of cancer. I was diagnosed at stage one and I had no lymph node involvement.

Prevention is really the key. You can’t always prevent a cancer diagnosis, but if you stay on top of it and stay vigilant you can catch it at an earlier stage where it becomes a bump in the road and doesn’t take you off your path for too long a period of time.