Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 09:39


As it should be, the month of October brings a lot of attention to Breast Cancer and the importance of early detection. Although it’s less commonly known, there is one day in particular that we want to make stand out.

The third Wednesday of every October is Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA Day)!

This internationally recognized day that raises awareness about reconstructive options for women post-mastectomy. Studies reveal that less than 23% of women, nationwide, don’t know the wide range of breast reconstruction options available.*

Dr. William Samson is passionate about bringing light to BRA Day in order to help educate women who are unaware of the breast reconstruction options that are available to them.

What is Breast Reconstruction?
The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore a natural, symmetrical appearance to the breasts, maintain body proportion and boost self-confidence. Reconstructive surgeons strive to create a new breast and nipple that resemble the woman’s natural breast as closely as possible in shape, size and position. At consultation, your plastic surgeon will help determine the best procedure for you.

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