Your care and safety is our top priority. We are diligently working to keep our centers safe and accessible for all your urgent or essential medical imaging needs. We are continually screening our staff and potential patients for COVID-19 related symptoms and acting accordingly. We want you to feel confident regarding your safety when you visit one of our centers.


Contact Information

Union Square Diagnostic Imaging

144 4th Ave.
New York, NY 10003



Imaging Services

  • Arthrography

  • CT

  • MRA

  • MRI (3T Wide-Open)

  • PET/CT

  • Ultrasound

144 4th Ave.

RDI Diagnostic Imaging has joined Lenox Hill Radiology & New York Radiology Partners

As part of this partnership, Dr. Karolyn Kerr is now the Medical Director of their Oncologic and Molecular imaging Division. LHR and NYRP collectively operate 48 multi-modality imaging centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. In this extensive network, there are 7 state of the art PET/CT scanners. Dr. Kerr will oversee the clinical leadership of their PET/CT and molecular imaging operations. The same excellence in patient service and diagnostic imaging you have come to expect from RDI Radiology for the last 13 years will now be available in 7 additional locations. Additionally, we are extremely excited about our Second Avenue facility, we are in the process of installing the state of the art PET/CTs to a new and larger space on the 3rd floor.

With this expansion we will be offering a full-range of imaging services including:

  • The first outpatient PET/MRI in Manhattan

  • The latest in 3T Wide Bore MRI scanners

  • Ultrasound & Digital X-Ray services

  • Prostate Cancer Center

Until the completion of the construction at 755 Second Avenue, RDI Diagnostic Imaging will continue to operate at NYRP’s Union Square Diagnostic Imaging facility at 144 4th Avenue (13th/14th Street).