21 July, 2022

New MRI Advances at Woodbridge

With our patients in mind, we are utilizing innovative technology and radiology expertise to deliver the most accurate diagnosis and patient comfort. We have installed a NEW 3T Wide-Bore MRI at our Woodbridge location that redefines the patient experience. This 3T Wide-Bore MRI features extra space, lightweight coils, and free-breathing sensors that deliver phenomenal patient comfort. It also enables faster, more accurate scans to minimze motion artifacts and sedation, and decrease time-to-results. Increased sensitivity enables higher resolution images, for clearer clinical answers. This unit also features BioMatrix Technology that adapts to patient differences, reducing exam variations and rescans, while enhancing results. 

The benefits of the new 3T Wide-Bore MRI:

  • Higher resolution and definition for ortho studies

  • Very fast scan times

  • Provides more room, easing the anxiety of claustrophobic patients 

  • Features BioMatrix Technology

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21 July, 2022