26 October, 2023

New Ultra-Wide MRI in New Jersey!

Ultra-Wide MRI at West New York MRI

New Jersey Imaging Network is committed to our patients, which is why we've invested in a groundbreaking MRI with metal reduction and the world's largest opening available, at 80 cm wide for larger and claustrophobic patients.

What to Expect:

  • Feel Comfortable in a wide-open space and enjoy a more relaxing exam experience.

  • Feel Confident that your doctor will receive the high-quality images needed to provide the best patient care.

  • Feel Safe for patients with metal implants, we use Metal Artifact Reduction.

  • Experience Convenience with easy, flexible scheduling, reduced scan times, and quick turnaround on your exam report..

Currently available at our   West New York MRI  imaging center: 6001 Monroe Place, West New York, NJ 07093

You have the power to choose where you have your radiology exam, choose New Jersey Imaging Network. If you have a referral from your physician, schedule with us today!

26 October, 2023