18 October, 2023

Radiology Imaging Associate is Now Offering F-18 PSMA PET/CT

 F-18 PSMA PET/CT, Radiology Imaging Associates

In Port St. Lucie, Radiology Imaging Associates now offers  F-18 PSMA PET/CT: an advancement in prostate cancer diagnostic imaging.

PSMA PET/CT is an advanced PSMA-targeted diagnostic imaging modality utilized by urologists and oncologists for prostate cancer diagnosis, staging, and treatment monitoring.

PSMA stands for prostate-specific membrane antigen, which is a protein that is highly expressed on the surface of prostate cancer cells. PSMA-targeted PET/CT imaging has greatly improved prostate cancer detection and localization, by offering a highly sensitive and specific exam, which allows for more accurate staging of prostate cancer and earlier detection of metastases. Additionally, PSMA PET/CT imaging can also be used by your doctor to guide biopsy and surgical planning.

Multiple PSMA-targeted therapies are now in development of clinical trials, which shows promise in the treatment of prostate cancer. One kind of PSMA-targeted radionuclide therapy (PSMA-TRT), involves the use of radioactive isotopes that are attached to PSMA-targeting agents. These radioactive agents selectively bind to PSMA-expressing cancer cells to deliver a lethal dose of radiation. PSMA-TRT has shown encouraging results in early clinical trials, with high response rates and durable remissions in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

F-18 PET/CT PSMA-targeted imaging and therapy have also been combined with other treatments, such as chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, in trials that show promise in improving treatment outcomes for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Overall, PSMA-targeted therapy has significantly improved prostate cancer detection and treatment, providing new and effective options for patients with this disease.

Following your PSMA PET/CT, your Urologist or Oncologist may recommend new, advanced PSMA-targeted therapy to selectively deliver therapeutic agents to cancer cells while sparing normal tissues. If you would like more information about clinical trials, please visit clinicaltrials.gov and search 'prostate cancer'.

RIA center that offers PSMA:


RIA | Port St. Lucie


1825 SE Tiffany Avenue
Ste. 104
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

To schedule your patient please fax 772-212-4256 or email conciergepetct@radnet.com

18 October, 2023