11 July, 2019

Borg & Ide Imaging now offering Cardiac Calcium Scoring Screening exams at REDUCED cost

With heart disease being the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, according to the CDC, Borg & Ide Imaging has reduced a patient’s out of pocket cost for a coronary artery calcium scoring exam to only $149. A coronary artery calcium scoring exam is safe and painless.  It only takes seconds and can help detect the presence of atherosclerosis (or plaque) and assess the risk of a heart attack. Even though this exam is being offered at a new reduced cost, we still recommend checking with your insurance provider to determine if they will cover this exam. 

Candidates for this exam include: 

  • Men over 45

  • Women over 45

  • Smoker or second hand exposure 

  • High cholesterol 

  • Family history of artery disease

  • High blood pressure 

  • Sedentary lifestyle 

  • High stress lifestyle

  • Obesity 

  • Diabetes 

Take action. Talk to your physician today to see if this exam is appropriate for you!


11 July, 2019