5 March, 2024

Exclusive interview on CNBC's "Mad Money," about our convenient mammogram service now provided at the Milford Walmart.

Jim Cramer talks about Mammogram Now Milford on MadMoney

Mammography with an AI kicker!

In an exclusive interview on CNBC's "Mad Money," RadNet's CEO shared insights with host Jim Cramer about the company's innovative move to provide mammogram services at the Milford Walmart.

The conversation delved into the significance of this strategic partnership, highlighting the accessibility and convenience it offers to women in the local community. With RadNet's advanced imaging technology now available within a familiar retail setting, the initiative aims to break down barriers to healthcare access and promote proactive breast health screening. This collaboration underscores RadNet's commitment to leveraging technology and partnerships to enhance healthcare delivery, as well as Walmart's dedication to expanding healthcare services within its stores.

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5 March, 2024