Concierge Scheduling

Concierge Scheduling

We make it easy! When you send an order though any of our connection interfaces we will contact your patient to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience.

Other Ways For Patients to Schedule:

Call For An Appointment

Simply call 877-990-2121 and arrange the appointment with one of our helpful scheduling representatives.

Online Scheduling

Available 24 x 7 x 365! Patients can schedule many types of exams through our Patient Portal. Currently accepting online appointments for:

  • X-Ray (Can also be a walk-in visit)

  • Screening Mammograms

  • DEXA

  • Ultrasound (Non-OB)

Visit the Patient Portal

Online Contact Request

Fill out an appointment request online. Once the form is filled out, a member of our Scheduling Team will reach out to schedule the appointment as soon as possible.

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Connecting with us is simple. Whether you’re looking for your patients report, want to send us clinical or patient information, we provide several innovative solutions to make this, and even more happen. To learn more or discover which option is right for you, contact your Provider Service Representative at DIN-sales@radnet.com.

Digital Script Pads

We can provide you with a digital version of our scripts for contactless delivery of orders to our centers.

To learn more, contact your Provider Service Representative at DIN-sales@radnet.com

Insurance Pre-Authorization

For your convenience, we can provide pre-authorization assistance. Upon enrollment, we will provide you or your office with the details on how to submit your patient’s prescription and corresponding clinical notes so we can initiate the process.

To learn more, contact your Provider Service Representative at DIN-sales@radnet.com

Connect Provider Portal

Connect, our provider portal, gives our referring physicians convenient and quick access to patient study results. Connect provides secure access to your patients' reports and images and real-time updates on exam status. Reports and images are available to you as soon as they are signed.

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EMR Interface

Establish a direct HL7 interface between our Radiology Information System (RIS) and your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to fully automate your radiology referrals and report delivery.

To learn more, contact your Provider Service Representative at DIN-sales@radnet.com


Securely send physician orders, digital scripts, receive reports, clinical notes, patient demographics and insurance information with no configurations, IT involvement, or cost. RADSender enables secure, instant communication between your practice and ours.

To learn more, contact your Provider Service Representative at DIN-sales@radnet.com




Our subspecialists are experts in their field and dedicated to providing quality patient care. Whether you have a quick question, would like to discuss findings with a radiologist or need to clarify patient information, we offer multiple ways to securely share and collaborate on any clinical or business matter.

Dedicated Physician Line: 302-831-5200


Your Partner In Success

Your Partner In Success

Your Provider Service Representative is your partner in success. They are available to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding our equipment and services - they are also available to help you get up and running with any of our connectivity options.




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