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15 October, 2020

What is the impact of delaying your screening mammogram because of COVID-19?

Watch/Read to learn how 2 of our Breast Imaging Experts at Delaware Imaging Network are answering this question.

Video transcription:

Dr. Dambro: Hi my name is Dr. Tim Dambro

Dr. Aujero: …and my name is Dr. Mireille Aujero and we are part of the Breast Imaging Division of RadNet’s Delaware Imaging Network.

Dr. Dambro: And I’m also the spokes person of Making Stride Against Breast Cancer in Delaware of the American Cancer Society. And at the American Cancer Society we’ve noticed nationwide there has been a significant decrease in the diagnosis of breast cancer since COVID started back in February and March.

Dr. Aujero: Yes, recent reports published highlighted the immediate impact as well as the long term impact of the healthcare landscape in the COVID-19 era. So, as the country was preparing for the pandemic by cancelling or postponing non-essential visits we saw drastic reductions in the amount of screening mammograms performed in the months of March, April and even May. In the US alone this translated to approximately 7.2 million fewer screening mammograms that were performed. Which using a rate of about 1 cancer for every 200 screens equates to roughly 36,000 cancer diagnosis that were delayed due to COVID.

Dr. Dambro: Think about that, 36,000 breast cancer diagnoses that were delayed. We understand that you are reluctant to come in and have your screening mammogram during this pandemic but we want you to know that here at Delaware Imaging Network we remained open during the height of the COVID pandemic and we are well versed in the guidelines provided by the CDC and the task force to keep you safe during your visit here.

Dr. Aujero: So, remember a delay in cancer diagnosis can lead to a difficult path to treatment. We have a lot of catching up to do. Breast Cancer doesn’t stop. Please do not delay your screening mammogram appointment any further and I urge you to schedule it as soon as possible.

Dr. Dambro: Come and see us, Stay Healthy!

15 October, 2020