13 January, 2023

Put the Power of Artificial Intelligence Behind Your Mammogram

99% five-year survival rate when breast cancer is detected at stage 1


At Delaware Imaging Network, we are transforming breast cancer detection with a revolutionary offering called Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection (EBCD). EBCD is the only solution of its kind—a package of breast care tools that work in concert to optimize your annual breast cancer screening exam. If you want greater confidence in your results, schedule your screening mammogram appointment today and enroll in EBCD!

Why Should you Choose EBCD for Your Breast Care?

  • One in eight women will develop cancer in her lifetime. It is crucial to detect the disease early, when treatment options are most optimal.

  • EBCD uses Saige-Dx, artificial intelligence technology powered by DeepHealth, to deliver a more accurate mammogram.

  • Saige-Dx helps improve the overall cancer detection rate as evidenced in a recent clinical study.

  • No additional radiation or time during your visit is required; you safely gain the benefit of state-of-the-art screening.

  • EBCD delivers more personalized results with a comprehensive risk assessment. Your own medical history becomes an integral part of your healthcare, as it should be.

At Delaware Imaging Network, we offer a full-range of services throughout Kent and New Castle Counties. Our dedicated team of compassionate staff and board-certified radiologists are committed to providing patients with a high-quality experience. 

 “Saige-Dx AI software is helping me make more precise and accurate diagnoses in breast cancer screening.” - Dr. Mireille Aujero


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13 January, 2023