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2 March, 2021

New Castle's First High-Field Open MRI

Our Brandywine Imaging location is setting the standard for patient-centric imaging with the installation of a 1.2T High-Field Open MRI.  With its truly open architecture and robust clinical capabilities, this MRI unit provides exceptional patient comfort while delivering superior image quality that is ideal for Orthopedic, Neurological, Vascular and Abdomen/Pelvis imaging.

Features of this 1.2T High-Field Open MRI include: 

  • High resolution imaging for image clarity 

  • Faster scan times than other open MRI units 

  • The patient's view is unobstructed delivering a more comfortable environment 

  • Comfortable table that lowers for ease of access and positioning of the patient 

  • Accomodates all patient types, including claustrophobic and larger sized (max. 660 lbs.)

  • Ability to perform non-contrast enhanced Renal MR angiography (MRA) which is important for patients with renal concerns

If you have a prescription for an MRI, please don’t delay the exam. Call 877-990-2121 or visit https://www.radnet.com/delaware-imaging-network/locations/brandywine-imaging to schedule at our Brandywine Imaging Center today!

2 March, 2021