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20 November, 2020

UnitedHealthcare MRI and CT Policy Update- What Patient's Should Know

Following Cigna and Anthem, UnitedHealthcare is now the third major payer to announce that they are narrowing down what MRI and CT exams they will cover in a hospital setting. In fact, this new policy was implemented as these major payers learned that members could save on out-of-pocket cost when having their procedures done in an outpatient radiology center, not a hospital.

Why choose us?

When visiting any one of our outpatient imaging centers, you will not only receive quality care, but will also minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits of visiting our outpatient radiology centers:

• Lower out-of-pocket costs

• Convenient appointment scheduling

• Online access to images and reports via our patient portal

• Exams read by board-certified, sub-specialized radiologists

• Evening and weekend appointments

• Access to a range of imaging services including: MRI, Breast MRI, Prostate MRI, CT, PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine, 3D Mammography, Breast Biopsies, Ultrasound, X-ray, DEXA (Bone Densitometry) and more

As a patient, you have a choice and understanding your options can ensure that you get the best care for the best price.

Learn more about UnitedHealthcare’s policy.

20 November, 2020