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OBSTETRIC IMAGING FOR LIFE - regionally unique, evidence based, trimester specific protocols optimizing the screening and diagnosis of placental disease, fetal malformations and preterm delivery - the major determinants of perinatal morbidity and mortality; and significant risk factors for the adult metabolic and cardiovascular health of mother and child.

Trimester-Specific Placental Health Program.

The placenta is our patient – placental health is the foundation of maternal and fetal well-being, childhood neurodevelopment and the cardiovascular health of both adults. HVRA’s comprehensive, trimester-specific, program identifies patient at increase risk for impaired placentation.

Preeclampsia Screening.

Preeclampsia is a potentially serious condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine, occuring in at least 5% to 7% of all pregnancies. First Trimester Preeclampsia Screening is the best available screening test to determine if you are at increased riskfor preeclampsia - the most common and treatable form of placental disease.


We are the first providers of 11-14 week First Trimester Screening (accredited by The Fetal Medicine Foundation, London, England) and one of the few private practice maternal-fetal imaging programs who have achieved and maintained accreditation by the prestigious American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM).


Board certified physicians who are subspecialty fellowship trained in high risk maternal fetal imaging. Learn more about Dr. Daniel Cohen.

Detailed Protocols.

To assess your fetus not only for structural malformations but for the most extensive list of genetic ultrasound “markers”: a partial list includes- middle bone of the pinky finger, widened space between the first and second toes of the foot, ear and nasal bone length, and our unique assessment of cardiovascular Down syndrome markers.

Universal Fetal Cardiac Assessment.

Approximately 60% of Down Syndrome fetuses and approximately 80% of trisomy 18 fetuses have structural heart diseases. The detection of structural heart disease therefore is a critical requirement of ultrasound risk assessment for chromosomal abnormalities. We are the only private practice providers of genetic obstetrical ultrasound studies whose physicians also have the dedicated expertise in fetal echocardiography (detailed evaluation of the fetal heart).

Quantitative Down Syndrome Risk Assessment.

The end result of your exam will be a number that represents the risk of Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18 that is unique to your fetus. Each patient has their own unique emotional balance sheet that weighs the risk of a chromosomally abnormal baby with the risks and benefits of knowledge gained from an amniocentesis. The purpose of this consultation is to provide the information allowing you to make a decision that is best for you (Do I want or need an amniocentesis?).


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