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10 October, 2022

Why Early Detection is the Best Protection Against Breast Cancer!

Debbie K. - A Breast Cancer Survivor

Meet our very own team member, Debbie! In 2015, she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.She noticed the lump herself and immediately spoke to her doctor."I cannot stress enough how important it is to know your body and talk to your doctor when something is different." she says.

In 2018, Debbie's routine mammogram detected breast cancer for the second time. "If I had skipped that mammo, I don't know when or how it would have been detected or how far it would have spread in that time" she says.

In 2020, Debbie noticed another lump and was told it was breast cancer for the third time. Thanks to knowing her body and routine mammograms, she is currently healthy and living life with treatments behind her, but will continue to have her regular mammograms!

Debbie wants to remind other women just how important early detection is. Having her annual mammogram and knowing her body, saved her life. Do not put off until tomorrow what matters today, schedule your annual mammogram. 

10 October, 2022