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1 October, 2019

Patient Perspective - Breast Cancer Thriver Story


Seven years ago, Eileen Incontrera went to American Radiology, a RadNet imaging center in Howard County, MD, for her annual mammogram.

“They weren’t crazy about what they saw, and they asked me to stay until they had a closer look. That was great—that they didn’t want me to leave the center until they knew more,” Incontrera said.

“They found something and sent me for a biopsy right away. But here’s the thing—I staged zero. Zero. I had a lumpectomy and some radiation and didn’t have to have chemo,” she said.

Incontrera is a big fan of American Radiology: “They make you feel amazing—if I have an 11:30 appointment, I’m seen at 11:30, and they treat you so well. More than that of course, they saved my life. I can’t say enough good things about American. We later moved, but every year I travel two and half hours specifically to go there for my annual mammo.”

Does Incontrera have thoughts about annual screening? “The whole exam takes maybe 30 minutes, and it can save your life. Why would you put that off? They can locate it very early—that’s the whole idea. I can’t even imagine not taking care of yourself for that. People go to the dentist; your breasts are even more important.”

These are the words of her experience: “Never hesitate—this is your health. You have to follow up.”

1 October, 2019