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At American Radiology Services

Our radiologists are board-certified and specialized in diagnosing diseases and injuries through medical imaging. Working with our licensed and registered technologists, they provide accurate results and recommendations for a broad range of imaging studies.

Our centers are equipped with the latest imaging technology to provide your physician with superior image quality for more accurate diagnosis, as well as more comfortable exams for patients.


Our Radiologists have affiliations with the following Hospitals:

  • Bon Secours Hospital

  • Calvert Memorial Hospital

  • Howard County General Hospital

  • Northwest Hospital, Division of Nuclear Medicine

  • Sinai Hospital, Division of Nuclear Medicine

American Radiology Services (ARS) is partnered with RadNet, Inc., a national leader in diagnostic imaging. With this partnership, American Radiology Services is affiliated with more than 365 centers in California, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Florida. For more information about RadNet, Inc., click here.