1 March, 2022

Welcome Dr. Beteselassie!

American Radiology Services (ARS) is happy to welcome dedicated musculoskeletal radiologist Nebiyu M. Beteselassie, M.D. to the team!

Dr. Beteselassie comes to ARS with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will add to our already stellar team of imaging specialists. After receiving his degree in medicine from Addis Ababa University, Dr. Beteselassie went on to receive his residency in radiology from the University of Missouri, a cross-sectional body fellowship from John Hopkins Hospital, and finally a musculoskeletal radiology fellowship from the University of Kansas, Medical Center. Dr. Beteselassie then acquired certification from the American Board of Radiology and began a career specializing in musculoskeletal imaging.

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1 March, 2022