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15 July, 2021

Fast Breast MRI Available at Delaware Imaging Network

Screening mammography and breast ultrasound have traditionally been the standard for the detection of breast cancer. Studies show that a Fast Breast MRI (also referred to as an Abbreviated Breast MRI), in addition to mammography or breast ultrasound, can be a valuable tool for women that are thought to have a high-risk of developing breast cancer.

Fast Breast MRI can be effective at finding hidden cancers that are not easily detected on a mammogram or ultrasound, especially in women with dense breasts. Because we see ourselves as an extension of your breast health medical team, every woman who chooses Delaware Imaging Network for their annual mammogram will receive an extra layer of care – an additional risk assessment. This risk assessment will be a key factor in aiding your physician to determine if you are a good candidate for Fast Breast MRI.

A Fast Breast MRI is a screening tool for women with normal mammograms and no apparent breast issues, but who seek the personal confidence of receiving an additional layer of testing. Unlike a full breast MRI, a Fast Breast MRI is performed in a shorter amount of time, while still providing high diagnostic accuracy. Fast Breast MRI is not intended to replace mammography; it is a supplemental study for women who want a screening in addition to their annual screening mammogram.

Click here to read more about Fast Breast MRI and find out if you are a good candidate for this exam.

15 July, 2021