25 June, 2019

NeuroQuant now Available at Delaware Imaging Network

Delaware Imaging Network (DIN) will now be using NeuroQuant, a fast and accurate automated analysis of the brain, at its Glasgow, Middletown and Brandywine Town Center locations. First introduced in 2007, NeuroQuant is an FDA-cleared software used to aid in the assessment of Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementias.

NeuroQuant images the brain and compares it to a database of other brains to give an assessment of the patient's neurodegeneration compared to the average for their age group. The software then provides physicians with a full printed report of neurodegeneration for their patients. 

Ask you doctor if NeuroQuant is right for you.

Learn more about Brain, Head & Spine imaging at Delaware Imaging Network.

25 June, 2019