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30 May, 2021

Omega Imaging Location Now Offering Three New Exams

Delaware Imaging Network is proud to offer three new exams at our Omega Imaging location in Newark, DE. We are now scheduling appointments for echocardiography, stress echocardiography, and nuclear stress echocardiograph exams.

Echocardiography and stress echocardiography are ultrasound exams that use high frequency sound waves to make pictures of your heart. Your doctor may want to schedule these exams to look at your heart’s structure and check how well your heart functions at its resting heart rate and/or an elevated heart rate.

A nuclear stress test may be prescribed to evaluate blood flow with the use of a contrast material. Cardiolite will be injected into your arm prior and during exercise. After the exercise period a special camera will take photos of your heart and evaluate blood flow.

Nuclear medicine is a non-invasive exam that allows clinicians to get medical information that would not otherwise be available, or that would require surgical interventions. In addition, nuclear medicine exams use a very small dose of radioactive material (comparable to that received during a regular x-ray) to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases, so they are safe and painless!

We know nuclear medicine exams at hospitals are expensive, so we are excited to be able to offer these lifesaving exams to you at an affordable cost. Our experienced team members at Delaware Imaging Network are dedicated to your care and to ensure you receive your results as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Schedule your exam today at 877-990-2121 or request an appointment online here.

30 May, 2021