Dr. Cohen,
We cannot thank you enough for giving us hope and courage to have our beautiful daughter. We are very blessed with all the love and support throughout the tough times. We could not have done it without you Dr. Cohen! We wish you and your family a happy holiday and all the love, health and happiness in 2013!
R. Family



Dear Dr. Cohen,
Forgive the lateness of this acknowledgment, but the trauma that Daina endured precluded us from a timely thank you. Thank you for all your work in attempting to help Daina in her struggle to have a healthy baby. You are a wonderful man and we know you tried to have a different outcome. We will NEVER forget your kindness.
The F. Family



Dear Dr. Cohen,
When I was told at my 20 week ultrasound on October 12, 2009 that my son had Dandy Walker Malformation, I was devastated. Two days later my wife and I were in the office. When we sat down with you in consult after the MRI we were taken back by the warmness that you showed us. In the subsequent weeks whenever I had a question you provided me with good counsel and I knew that my baby's well being was truly cared about. We are so blessed to have had you as our doctor. Our Son Perry was born on February 22, 2010, healthy! And at his recent visit to his Pediatrician, he was presenting as a 4 month old, when he was a day shy of 3 months! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and listen to our concerns. It meant the world to us!


Dear Dr. Cohen,
We just wanted to take this time opportunity to say thank you for finding the problem with Raegan’s heart. She has been home for about 4 weeks now and she is doing great! As we told you on the phone, the surgery was a success and they were able to make all of the necessary repairs.
Thank you again,
F.& P.D.


Dr. Cohen,
We just wanted to share with you our "perfect" "healthy" little miracle. We also wanted to "thank you" from the bottom of our hearts for the quality care that you gave us during such a difficult time in our lives. You have no idea how your kind words, empathy, care and dedication helped us cope. We have been truly blessed with a perfect little boy and wanted you to see him!
All Our Love & Gratitude,