5 October, 2023

Introducing Rockland County's Advanced Breast Imaging Center!

New Breast Imaging Center in New City, NY!

Hudson Valley Radiology Associates is excited to announce our NEW breast imaging center in New City, NY!

The Breast Center at Hudson Valley Radiology Associates 
16 Squadron Blvd.
New City, NY 10956

We offer a comprehensive suite of diagnostic breast imaging and biopsy services, including breast ultrasound, breast MRI, breast MRI-guided biopsy, ultrasound-guided core, and vacuum biopsies. Our advanced mammography program includes AI-assisted screening mammograms, known as Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection (EBCD), delivering a more accurate mammogram. Say YES to our EBCD program and add an extra layer of detection to your mammogram!

We look forward to welcoming you into our dedicated women's imaging center, for the comfortable, private, patient-focused experience you deserve!


5 October, 2023