Daniel J. Cohen, M.D. is one of the regions’ most knowledgeable, experienced, and respected practitioners of fetal, placental, maternal obstetrical imaging. Obstetricians and high-risk maternal fetal medicine specialists have relied upon his diagnostic and consultative expertise for over thirty years. 

Dr. Cohen is a leading regional and national educator lecturing to obstetricians, midwives, and maternal fetal medicine specialists in the Tri-State metropolitan, Hudson Valley, and major New York City tertiary care centers.  Member of Hackensack University Medical Center Fetal Care Team.

Under Dr. Cohen’s leadership, Hudson Valley Radiology was one of the regions’ first providers of obstetrical imaging services to achieve accreditation by the prestigious American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine in 2005 and has maintained that accreditation ever since. 

Dr. Cohen and Hudson Valley Radiology are the regions’ only providers of AIUM accredited fetal echocardiography services. 

Dr. Cohen has pioneered the introduction of many obstetrical imaging philosophies, protocols, and techniques that are now considered standard of care including: 

  • Quantitative genetic obstetrical ultrasound. 

  • First trimester nuchal translucency Down syndrome screening.

  • Universal fetal cardiac ultrasound. 

  • First trimester preeclampsia screening. 

  • Universal “Placenta as Patient” protocols to screen for and diagnose those patients at risk for placenta-related adverse obstetrical outcomes. 

  • Fetal magnetic resonance imaging.  

  • Placental MRI for Increta / Percreta.



Ultrasound. Ct. and MRI Imaging. North Shore University. Manhasset. NY


SUNY Downstate. New York. NY

Medical Degree:

SUNY Downstate. New York. NY