We are aware of the report regarding Crowdstrike. Please rest assure that this does not affect RadNet or any of our imaging centers. All Imaging Centers are open and we look forward to seeing you at your appointment.


Over 7 Million Procedures

We perform more than 7 million outpatient imaging procedures annually—from X-Ray to interventional radiology and everything in between. That’s twice as many procedures as the next two providers, combined.

Why Does Volume Make a Difference?


The breadth of our resources means that we put our wealth of knowledge on every study. The most advanced clinical expertise is utilized across all RadNet sites, benefiting every patient, in every location. Best practices are spread to all centers efficiently, in a culture of continuous learning.


Geography counts. With locations in six core markets (California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Delaware, and Maryland), we make it easy for patients to obtain quality medical imaging. But access is more than a convenient address. We provide secure, easy, online access to patient education and information (images, bill history and more). At RadNet, access also includes extensive payor participation, multi-lingual care, longer operating hours, state-of-the art equipment, and easy online scheduling.


You have choices. RadNet participates with hundreds of insurance plans and offers the most competitive pricing for out-of-pocket and self-pay expenses. Outpatient imaging is far more cost effective than hospital-based or hospital-owned centers, up to 40% in some cases. Our emphasis is on results you can trust, sometimes at a significantly lower price than other institutions.

Our primary objective is to deliver high quality, conveniently accessible care in the most cost effective manner possible. Because of the range of solutions we provide, RadNet is in a unique position to transform the delivery of diagnostic services.

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