Aligned Resources

Healthcare in the 21st century is not always simple, but our know-how turns complications into solutions. We are the only imaging center that can align varied resources—technology, medical research, clinical experts, payment issues—so that the patients and providers can focus on what’s important: care.

Our primary objective is to deliver high quality, conveniently accessible care in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Care starts at the front door. We provide easy access and longer hours, plus online scheduling and education. RadNet is the largest provider of outpatient imaging in the country, with more than 300 imaging centers providing consistent, reliable care.

Investment in Technology

RadNet’s national network of imaging centers, payor relationships, and physician resources is linked by state-of-the-art cloud technology powered by our own IT division, eRAD. We use the most advanced imaging modalities, such as breast tomosynthesis and high-field 3T MRI.

Best Value

RadNet recognizes that value is a key factor in navigating your healthcare. Engaged patients compare imaging service offerings—and will find that RadNet delivers expertise and high-quality imaging at the right price. You have choices when selecting an imaging provider, and that’s putting value on your health.

Patient Satisfaction

An engaged, informed, understood patient increases the likelihood of a better clinical outcome. We have a robust approach to tracking metrics with surveys and online tools, coupled with patient education and professional excellence, to maintain a high patient satisfaction score.

Quality and Safety

RadNet is recognized as the highest quality imaging provider in the communities we serve. We comply with all federal, state, and industry safety standards, as well as our own internal checks, to instill the highest levels of comfort and confidence.

Subspecialty Expertise

RadNet employs top imaging experts, who use state-of-the-art equipment and participate in most major insurance plans. With RadNet, you have the freedom to select expertise at the right price. You have a choice in your healthcare.

Community Care, National Know-How

How do we manage to provide the most innovative technology, and leading experts, at a reasonable cost? Our national profile. As the largest owner/operator of imaging centers in the U.S., RadNet leverages its IT solutions, quality initiatives, utilization management program, specialty health services, and 30+ years of experience across all facilities in the network. Our complete radiology solution puts us in the best position to be strategic about the future of healthcare.

We strive to accommodate all patients, regardless of their financial means. Those without health insurance, or with high deductible plans, can contact a local center to inquire about pricing.

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