Quantib, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RadNet, is a key part of the company’s digital health strategy, with strong innovation in detecting prostate disease using artificial intelligence.

Quantib Prostate™ 3.0 is a state-of-the-art AI-based software solution that significantly improves the MRI prostate reporting workflow and its output for radiologists and urologists.

These features deliver outstanding reporting quality and speed, and a faster and more accurate diagnosis through the quick identification of abnormalities.

  • AI-based segmentation and volumetry

  • PSA density calculation

  • Precise registration and movement correction

  • PI-RADS scoring support

  • One-click segmentation of lesion candidates

Quantib Prostate is much more helpful than I would have ever imagined given all the buzz about AI. But this buzz is real. This is truly a nice product.

Edward Steiner, M.D.
The York/WellSpan Advanced Prostate Care Center

Edward Steiner, M.D.

MRI now plays an increasingly important role in prostate cancer diagnosis, and Quantib’s FDA-cleared and CE-marked AI technology is proving invaluable for optimal patient outcomes.

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