Breast Disease Management


34% reduction in breast cancer death rates in the U.S. since 1990.


Approximately 40,290 American women died of breast cancer in 2015.**

All-Encompassing Care

At Breastlink, our centers for breast disease management, we coordinate allied professionals—radiologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons, nutritionists, researchers, psychotherapists and others—for a multi-disciplinary treatment plan for each patient. That includes the highest quality imaging available, using advanced modalities like tomosynthesis and breast MRI, plus state-of-the-art information on diagnosis and treatment, including the latest advances from clinical trials.


Prostate Health


Roughly 99% of men survive five years or more after a prostate cancer diagnosis.


Almost 30,000 American men will die of prostate cancer this year.*

Detection is Key

And it doesn’t have to be invasive. MRI performed on high field strength 3 Tesla (3T) equipment can help detect prostate cancer. Special imaging techniques are used for improved visualization of tumor nodes, as well as assessment of their precise location, risk, and aggressiveness. 3T MRI is a less invasive and far more accurate tool for cancer detection than biopsy. RadNet centers of excellence are among the few sites experienced in performing and interpreting prostate MRI.


*From the American Cancer Society.
** From the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2015.