4 September, 2023

Have you heard of a MRI that uses artificial intelligence (AI)? We've got it!

3T Wide-Open MRI with Artificial Intelligence, Huntington

Exceptional Images. Extraordinary Patient Comfort.

We are excited to announce our new industry-leading 3T MRI unit at our Huntington location!

This new MRI offers a wide bore that adapts to a patients’ needs and initiates the optimal scan protocol — delivering the clinical information a physician needs to diagnose and the fast, comfortable exam a patient wants.

LHR | Huntington 214 Wall Street, Huntington, NY 11743

Our industry-leading MRI delivers:

  • Speed & Efficiency Advanced AI technology reduces scan times by up to 50% and improves accuracy with consistent results.

  • Precision Achieve razor-sharp image quality with advanced AI technology.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience

    • Extra space with a 70cm Wide-Bore.

    • This MRI increases comfort by replacing most hard coils with soft, blanket-like coils.

    • Whole-body imaging.

    • Feet-first scanning for most exams.

If you have a script from your physician, you can now Schedule Online or call 631-277-1600!

4 September, 2023