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Dr. Gregory Wilde is a radiologist with a specialty in musculoskeletal imaging. He earned his medical degree from the Georgetown University School of Medicine (Washington, D.C.) and completed his fellowship at The Hospital for Special Surgery (NYC) and his residency in the Christiana Care Health System.

Dr. Wilde has been with Lenox Hill Radiology (LHR) since 2010. Before becoming a radiologist, he was biomedical engineering major in college and did graduate coursework in medical imaging and image processing. Through this work, he became interested in how CT and MRI scans were created. He later felt like he “found his calling” in radiology upon taking an elective course in the field while in medical school.

Dr. Wilde developed his special interest in musculoskeletal imaging because he viewed it as a puzzle that needed solving, and found it similar to his undergraduate engineering studies. Upon joining LHR, Dr. Wilde also founded a musculoskeletal ultrasound practice that has grown into an operation that sees upward of 150 cases per week.

His favorite part of being a radiologist includes his interactions with patients and technologists.

“These patients have typically been having a problem for a while, and the ultrasound is ordered as a problem solving exam targeted to the patient's specific problem,” Dr. Wilde says. “It's been very gratifying over the years to have patients thank me for solving a problem that no one had been able to figure out with conventional cross sectional imaging modalities such as MRI or CT.”

When not working, Dr. Wilde enjoys spending time with his family on the weekends exploring nearby state parks, going on bike rides and hikes.


Special Interest:



The Hospital for Special Surgery.


Christiana Care Health System.

Medical Degree:

Georgetown University School of Medicine.