New Approaches for the Future

The Foundation partners with major pharmaceutical companies to bring the newest drugs and agents to patients who wish to participate in clinical trials. The Breastlink network of centers specializing in breast health is an ideal environment for drug companies to test new diagnostic and treatment options, because Breastlink manages a large, diverse patient population. The Foundation has conducted trials in all phases—I, II, III, and IV—and for both drugs and medical devices. We are committed to offering treatment trials for a range of pathologies presented by patients—from defining non-cancerous breast lesions to pre-surgery treatment and the treatment of metastatic disease—based upon our evolving understanding of how tumors behave.

We conduct research on the most sophisticated new areas in the fight against cancer, such as genetic susceptibility, vaccines, small molecule inhibitors, tumor sensitivity, and more. In every case, we apply rigorous protocols and regulatory discipline, honed over 20 years of experience.

Many of the medical and surgical treatments used today in fighting cancer are the result of what investigators have learned through clinical research trials. Current clinical trials will help determine many of the tests to diagnose cancer earlier and the medications and surgical techniques that will be used to treat patients in the future.

I am excited about moving forward by participating in innovative research and breakthrough treatments for newly diagnosed and metastatic breast cancer patients.

With our team of highly trained and dedicated experts in their fields, our goal is to develop optimal care, which is not hospital-based, is cost-effective, and focuses on the care and well-being of our patients. Today women are living longer as survivors, and breast cancer is becoming a chronic disease for many women. I have had the privilege to care for women with breast cancer for 30 years and have seen the cure rate increase from 55% to close to 90%.

John Link, M.D.
Oncology Research Director

John Link

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Kristi Maya Director of Oncology Research