Inside-Out Prostate Ablation

TULSA stands for Transurethral ULtraSound Ablation of the prostate. The TULSA treatment is an incision-free, radiation-free ablation of a surgeon-defined region of the prostate. The surgeon can customize the treatment plan (whole gland or focal) to the needs of each patient.

TULSA can be the first-line treatment of prostate disease. Its main objective is to ablate diseased tissue while protecting the surrounding organs and structures. The patient’s natural functional abilities—and quality of life—may be preserved.

TULSA at RadNet—The Better Option

  • Dedicated Team—Each patient receives individualized care from an expert team, consisting of a fellowship-trained MRI radiologist, anesthesiologist, technologist, urologist, and recovery nurse. 

  • Individualized Care—No two cancers are the same, and in the RadNet/TULSA program every patient can be treated according to his specific needs. 

  • Preservation—The urethra and rectum are actively protected in the procedure, so patients may maintain natural functioning. 

  • Precision—The treatment plan is physician-defined, and with real-time guided MRI / heat mapping a totally predictable prostate volume reduction is achieved. 

  • Patient-Centric—The procedure is radiation free and performed in a single outpatient procedure with minimal pain and fast recovery.

How Does TULSA Work?

TULSA is performed in an MRI examination room, in combination with real-time MR imaging, directional thermal ultrasound, and a closed-loop temperature feedback control.

The ultrasound energy is delivered through the urethra directly to the targeted tissue (inside-out ablation). TULSA’s rectal and urethral cooling protect these structures during the procedure.

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See the Data

Learn about the clinical trial that stands as a pivotal study of whole-gland ablation.

RadNet—The Leader in Prostate Health

RadNet has partnered with Profound Medical to be among the first in the medical community to introduce the TULSA Procedure® System. Our newly constructed, state-of-the-art 3T MRI room and recovery suite at Liberty Pacific Advanced Imaging in West Hills, California, is among the first in the entire state to offer this revolutionary treatment. The treatment is FDA-cleared and performed on an outpatient basis.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Robert Princenthal, RadNet has been on the forefront of prostate cancer care and was one of the first radiology practices in the U.S. to establish a dedicated prostate MRI program.

photo of Robert Princenthal

To learn more about the RadNet / TULSA solution for prostate care:

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