5 March, 2024

“Wall Street Lapped This One Up:” RadNet Founder Dr. Howard Berger Featured on CNBC’s Mad Money

RadNet on CNBC Mad Money

On Friday, March 1, RadNet CEO and Founder Dr. Howard Berger appeared on CNBC’s Mad Money to discuss the company’s healthy stock price, up 42% in the last six months, including a 17% soar in a single day last week.

Dr. Berger discusses the factors that contribute to RadNet’s showing in the market. He cites overall growth in the imaging industry, as patients and payors recognize the important role imaging plays in early disease detection and better outcomes. He also addresses a question from host Jim Cramer about the cost effectiveness of transitioning imaging out of the hospital setting.

RadNet’s pioneering initiatives in breast and prostate screening are discussed, especially MammogramNow, RadNet’s partnership with Walmart. Dr. Berger explains how the program, first piloted in a Walmart supercenter in Delaware and next in Arizona, makes it more convenient for women to have routine breast cancer screening. A long with Prostate MRI as a new standard of care in prostate disease detection, these initiatives have “allowed us to accelerate these very useful tools for earlier detection and precision detection,” according to Dr. Berger.

“You are in one of the best positions in trying to keep healthcare costs down and also getting patients the kind of care they need," said Cramer.

5 March, 2024