4 March, 2024

Dr. Jason McKellop Addresses Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer

Dr. Jason McKellop

BronxNet, a public, educational cable television channel based in the Bronx, hosted RadNet’s Jason McKellop, M.D., a fellowship-trained, breast specialist radiologist in our Los Angeles region. 

In this segment, Dr. McKellop shared his expertise on the incidence of breast cancer in African American women. He also discussed the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in addressing disparities in outcomes for this population. 

Although African American women have comparable diagnosis rates to other populations, they have a 40% higher risk of mortality from breast cancer. Both African American men and women have the shortest post-diagnosis life span among all ethnic groups. In this video, Dr. McKellop explains the biological, social, and environmental determinants of these startling disparities, and he also zeroes in on the solution for more positive outcomes. “The closest we can come to a cure for breast cancer is early detection,” he states. Routine breast cancer screening—annually, starting at age 40—is especially important for African American women who are at risk for more aggressive cancers. 

Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection (EBCD) leverages AI and a rigorous clinical protocol to help radiologists find more cancers. African American women who choose EBCD gain an additional layer of scrutiny in their mammography screenings, and EBCD is proven to work consistently across all demographics. 

Dr. McKellop shares valuable insights on how detection technology is helping to deliver greater health equity.

4 March, 2024