8 June, 2020

A Message from RadNet's Executive Team

In this period of civil unrest, RadNet, as a company, has a responsibility to engage in the important discussions we are facing as a society. We stand with those seeking justice for the death of George Floyd and others before him. RadNet is committed to coming together to focus on the myriad underlying issues to be solved in our country. We ask you to join us in keeping your thoughts and prayers with the Floyd family, and with all others subjected to discrimination and injustice.

We are fortunate to have a team that strives to do the right thing. We all come from different backgrounds filled with unique experiences and circumstances. We aspire to work harder to better understand each other and our differing experiences and perspectives. Like we do in business, we should ask good questions, seek facts, listen, and then do the work to create sustainable solutions. We are one team made stronger by our different talents and perspectives. All must be respected, and all must have equal opportunity to be heard and to grow. We stand firmly against disrespect, inequality, and bias. The RadNet team has demonstrated that we always want to do better. We are going to focus more intently to generate even greater respect, kindness, and support for each other. Care is going to start from within. From that deep caring it is our hope that we foster an environment that develops greater compassion, love, and respect among our team members and for all people in our communities.

First, we are reviewing our company’s practices and operations to take stock of any potential for bias or exclusion. But perhaps the most immediate thing we can do for our whole team right now is to listen to each other. We want to foster healthy dialogue. We recognize that it will be hard and uncomfortable at times. Experience has taught us that meaningful growth comes from facing and meeting challenges. We are ready to face the challenge of discomfort and grow stronger and better as a result. We will continue to pursue real ways to bring about change and will be sharing those ideas and initiatives as they unfold.

The fallout from the pandemic will pass, but lasting cultural change requires an ongoing commitment from all of us. We know that our team will eagerly deepen that commitment to care so that everyone is valued equally. Our whole organization is about continual learning, constant improvement, and being the best. If we can make progress here at RadNet, then everyone can. Let’s not only lead radiology forward, let’s help to lead our country forward.

RadNet Management

Dr. Howard G. Berger

Norman Hames

Steve Forthuber

Ruth Wilson

Mital Patel

Mark Stolper

8 June, 2020